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What is CrossFit?

Watch this video and you will see why CrossFit is the is the fastest growing fitness movement on the planet.

Why LaLanne Fitness?

The Classic Definition

CrossFit is a fitness program that improves endurance, stamina, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. It is a perpetually varied mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises), and weight lifting. A typical hour-long session includes a warm-up, a skill development segment, and the high-intensity “workout of the day” (or WOD). In other words: in Functional Fitness we lift weights, do pull-ups, push-ups, climb ropes, run, squat, lunge, jump rope, do gymnastics on the rings, handstands, handstand walks, flip huge tires, and all kinds of functional movements. We get stronger, push ourselves hard, encourage each other, and see and feel the impact it has on all facets of our lives.

The LaLanne Philosophy

Building upon the core principles of CrossFit, at LaLanne Fitness, we strive to provide the best training and coaching available, while making every minute you spend with us fun and engaging. This not only nourishes your own ability to always achieve new and exciting goals, but it feeds our own community to be one of the best around: supportive, friendly, open-hearted, and yes, competitive with each other in the most positive way. Simply take a look at our Facebook page and you will see how dedicated we are to you, and our Facebook community to each other: click on the icon >CrossFit San Francisco

A few words of one of our members:

“I am thankful for many things this year, but what I am most grateful for is becoming a part of the LaLanne Fitness community, the best gym in San Francisco. Gym to me is a mental sanctuary. Whenever I am down, exhausted, or sad, it is truly the best medicine. The coaches here are world-class fun, strong, inspiring – they know when to push me and how. What makes LaLanne even more amazing is the community. The new friends I have made there help me get better, push harder, and enjoy the gym much more. In future I want to continue to improve –both mentally and physically – at work, in relationships, and in life…and that starts with going to LaLanne.”

Fitness Is In Our DNA:

The LaLanne Fitness Story

Our Mission:


Help People Help Themselves


CrossFit Gym San Francisco

Maribel And Chris LaLanne

Our mission is simple.

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

We help empower people to be healthier, happier, and get in the best shape of their lives.

At LaLanne Fitness, we’ve grown into a fun, vibrant community, dedicated to the idea that fitness isn’t just something on your to-do list. It’s a lifestyle. We’ve seen CrossFit transform the lives of thousands of people. And everyone started as a beginner. So we invite you to come down and be our guest in one of three ways. You won’t find a more supportive environment.

Our roots are deep.

We opened our doors in June, 2008 with the idea of carrying the torch of Jack LaLanne (Chris’ Uncle), who helped millions of Americans get fit and eat right. We combine various modalities of Functional Fitness, nutrition, and expert training, with over 50 classes a week, including Open Gym hours, Olympic Lifting, and Bodyweight Training. Since opening our original 1,500 square-foot space, we’ve outgrown and moved into our current state-of-the-art 10,000 square-foot facility at 960 Howard Street.

CrossFit affiliateSince the very beginning, LaLanne Fitness CrossFit has been an official CrossFit Affiliate. We are recognized by CrossFit, Inc. as a designated gym that adheres to the high standards and methodology as established by CrossFit, Inc. That means that you are ensured to get the most productive and safe environment that will unequivocally make dramatic changes in your overall well-being.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to us giving you the tools to achieve goals you never thought possible. Through our commitment to our students and athletes, the excellence and dedication of our coaches, and our long history of countless success stories, LaLanne Fitness has become a cornerstone of the CrossFit community worldwide.

Our Services and Amenities

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

Changing Rooms And Showers

Men’s and Women’s changing rooms with two showers, double vanities, and toilets.

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

Grooming Products

A selection of product is available both in the Men’s and Women’s changing rooms.

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

Pro Shop And
Nutritional Products

LaLanne Gear, fitness equipment, nutritional products, Power Supply meals dedicated delivery.

CrossFit Gym San Francisco


Complimentary wifi is available throughout the gym.

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Meet Our Team

An important part of the LaLanne Fitness experience is to have coaches that are of the highest caliber. Our coaches have completed the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Certifications, as well as the Sports Performance Coach in Olympic Certification weightlifting from USA Weightlifting. As importantly, they have grown into their positions by participating as part of the LaLanne Fitness community. This means they subscribe to the practice of training as developed by Chris LaLanne over the years. While also athletes in their own right, they are elite instructors in the safety, movements, and structure of all our CrossFit programming.

Chris LaLanne – Owner And Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoChris LaLanne is the grand nephew of health and fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne. An accomplished athlete with over 15 years of experience as a fitness professional, he holds a B.S. in Kinesiology/Physiology as a graduate of the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences Department at San Diego State University. While studying at San Diego State University, Chris applied what he was learning. Chris took up swimming, water polo and competitive open-water racing. After graduating, he went on to work for the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Chris is also a USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Coach.

Chris speaks about Fitness, listen to this radio spot:

His uncle Jack has been a major influence since day one. He feels honored to follow in the footsteps of a man who has helped so many and truly made a difference in our world. Here’s a clip from the Grand Opening of LaLanne Fitness in 2008:



At the NorCal Sectionals in 2010, he took 12 place, advancing to the Southwest Regional.

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

Chris is a great advocate of the health benefits of the Paleo Diet lifestyle. After following this method of diet and nutrition for just one week, his strength and energy skyrocketed beyond expectation. He’s been helping others feel better and look better ever since, by teaching the Paleo Diet lifestyle. His students have demonstrated weight loss, increased athletic performance and reversal of autoimmune diseases when practicing a combination of Functional Fitness and The Paleo Diet. Chris is a member of The Paleo Diet Team Of Experts.

Maribel LaLanne – Owner And Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoMaribel has lived a full life. At the age of 18, she scored a recording contract and spent the next few years touring. Her songs hit the billboard charts and she shared the stage with music legends such as LL Cool J and KC & JoJo. She is also a working model who has graced the pages of many national and international publications, since the age of 18. During that time of touring, she finished her prerequisites for dental school. In 2002, Maribel graduated from dental school as a Registered Dental Hygienist.


In June 2008, Maribel left her full-time practice to help open LaLanne Fitness with her husband, Chris. Maribel is an excellent coach and USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Coach. She is a strong athlete with a background in competitive soccer, Kajukenbo, and dance, including Hula and Tahitian dancing. Besides coaching, Maribel runs the business side of LaLanne Fitness. She has also helped mentor many boxes on how to run a successful gym. She is the master of time management and does it all, while raising two small children.


Maribel is a fit mom who has dedicated her life to empowering women, through health and fitness. Her warm smile and big heart can be felt by everyone, and she is always happy to help anyone in need of finding their path to health and happiness.

T.J. Istvan – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoT.J.’s fitness journey is somewhat different. When he came to LaLanne Fitness in June 2010, he was pretty much a big hot mess! At 42, he weighed more than 270 pounds, smoked for nearly 25 years, had a 40 inch waist, back pain, high blood pressure and cholesterol with prescriptions to start taking meds (which were never filled) and enough indicators (and stern Doctor’s warning) that a serious cardiac event was likely in the not so distant future. His entire adult life had been void of any real exercise and full of bad decisions and habits: yo-yo dieting, recreational drugs, heavy drinking, smoking, and well you get the idea. He had never even touched a proper barbell…ever!


But this time something clicked. LaLanne Fitness completely turned things around and he’s gone to places he never dreamed of. Not only did he lose weight, more than 50 pounds and down to a 34-inch waist, he is putting up weights and numbers he never dreamed possible, entering competitions and decently holding his own.


His passion for Functional Fitness is obvious and in early 2013, he obtained his CF Level 1 Certification. In addition to Coaching, T.J. is part of the gym’s administrative team. His message is simple, it’s never too late to turn things around and if it can work for him, it can work for you!


T.J.’s motto: Find your passion and you can chart a new course. It really is that simple! Life…. GO HARD, HAVE FUN!

Michael Mather – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoMike was born and raised in the Bay area. He’s very athletic and played football since his freshman year of high school, then went on to play D-3 college ball at Menlo College where he was an All American his senior year. Mike graduated with a BS in Business Management and still plays Semi-Pro football here in the Bay Area. As a certified personal trainer, he was introduced to Functional Fitness by his peers and now coaches here at LaLanne Fitness. He’s acquired multiple personal trainer credentials, including the CF Level 1 Certification. Mike continues to expand his knowledge of human body mechanics and loves Functional Fitness ideology, atmosphere and community!

Erica Cruz – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoErica was born and raised in the Bay Area. She has been an athlete all of her life, competing in many sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball and Taekwondo. Erica has always possessed a very competitive spirit, is highly motivated, and determined to succeed against all odds. Her passion for fitness is fueled by her overall desire for health and wellness as well as the desire to find the physical limits of the body. Being a small, petite girl, the natural physical ability has always been an issue – but she always strives to prove otherwise. In 2008 Erica started Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling for a new exciting physical challenge. She quickly became addicted to the sport. Erica began competing in MMA and Jiu Jitsu tournaments with great success. In 2012, sidelined by a knee injury that resulted in surgery led her to the functional and healing attributes of Functional Fitness. LaLanne Fitness was recommended through physical therapy as a way to rehab my knee, learn proper mechanics, and build leg strength to support the injury.


Soon after beginning at LaLanne Fitness, Erica became addicted. Her life became all about the sport of fitness. Thankfully through LaLanne Fitness She was able to receive her CF Level 1 Certification and train with amazing athletes. Erica’s goal is to continually learn techniques and teaching skills to help every student learn the best they can. Erica loves to encourage and motivate athletes to go above and beyond their expectations, while always remaining safe and having fun.


Erica’s goals as a coach are to become USA Weightlifting Certified, attend as many CF Certification courses available, and lead by example as an athlete in future competitions. She is enthusiastic to continue teaching and growing as a coach, and as an athlete with the LaLanne Fitness family.

Maridehl Mather – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoMaridehl graduated from Cal State Hayward with a B.S. in Business Management – Finance in 2001. During her senior year, she received an internship as a Special Agent Student Trainee with the Internal Revenue Service. Upon graduation, she was offered the job as a Special Agent and enrolled in the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Brunswick, Georgia. Maridehl did not grow up playing any sports: it was in FLETC that she discovered her competitive drive, whether it was the mandatory running and training, or even using a firearm!


After graduating from FLETC, Maridehl was driven to maintain peak fitness not only for herself, but to be effective at her job in law enforcement. She signed up for relays and half marathons, and did the “normal gym routine” – but she felt the need to find something else to feed her competitive nature. In 2011, she joined LaLanne Fitness. At first, she could not do a single pull-up, even with a band, or a single push-up. Game on! She was determined to improve and get stronger. Maridehl loves the camaraderie within the community, and LaLanne Fitness immediately became her second home.


Maridehl is now a mother of a beautiful little girl. She was fortunate and healthy enough to continue working out all throughout her pregnancy, right up to the moment her water broke during a squat at LaLanne! She is certain that Functional Fitness contributed to her easy pregnancy and delivery. She is now back at the gym and is back on track to excel again. Maridehl is proud to be part of the “strong is beautiful” revolution, and will continue her journey as a fit mom, and as a role model to her daughter.

Joey Vlazny – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoAthlete? Not exactly. At one point Joey was 90 pounds overweight and knew something had to change. Joey cleaned up his diet and became a distance runner. He stuck with running for many years even competing in The San Francisco and Oakland Marathons. He dabbled in P90X but reached a point where he needed something different.


In a new more demanding job, there was no time for 2-hour workouts anymore. He needed something he could do in an hour that would give him the same but preferably better results. In late 2011 he found LaLanne Fitness. WOW! It took a few months for him to understand Functional Fitness methodology, but soon the results were undeniable. He’s now a CF Level 1 Trainer. In addition to being one of our top athletes, he has continued his education recently attending The CF Mobility Certification.


Joey clearly remembers being a new student at LaLanne and enjoys introducing Functional Fitness to newer members.


Joey is a radio DJ full time!

Taylor Sternberg – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoTaylor is originally from Los Angeles, and continues to be a Los Angeles Kings Hockey fan. He performs improv regularly with ComedySportz San Jose, and will usually accept any popsicle or Slurpee provided to him.


Taylor started his fitness journey in the world of dance while pursuing the dream of Broadway performance. His hard work paid off when he began work on the Tony Award-winning Musical, Jersey Boys. While in New York, Taylor discovered kettlebell movements, and shortly thereafter, discovered Functional FItness. He became hooked on the technical movements, competitive atmosphere, and welcoming social community. After quitting the Broadway Industry, Taylor found corporate work in the Bay Area, where he continued his fitness work, at LaLanne Fitness.


As a coach, Taylor’s focuses on high mobility, and protecting the joints by enforcing safe, repeatable movement patterns. His love of music and the theater ensures everyone is having fun, backed up by his energetic playlists.

Connor Young – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoConnor has been doing Functional Fitness for seven years, and coaching for five. A Minneapolis native, he started his own gym in Nashville before moving onto a job in medical device sales. He then created a medical startup that brought him out to the Bay Area. While not working on his businesses or coaching in the gym, he “nerds out” about physiology, nutrition, and biochemistry. Within our community, Connor specializes in coaching Olympic weightlifting and Gymnastics. He is passionate about helping people reach their highest potential, and is grateful to do so within the LaLanne Fitness community.

Kevin McPhee – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoKevin has always been athletic and adventurous, but not in the common ways you might think. Being part of the “art” crowd”, he never was a part of team sports while growing up. Instead, he took up “lone” sports: skiing at age 7, (eventually becoming a back-country and steeps skier) and windsurfing at the age of 24, (working his way up to big swells off Ho’okipa). With a drive to better himself, constantly learn, and take risks, he bought a sailboat at age 36. He restored and upgraded it for bluewater capabilities, and sailed across the Pacific and back.


Since the early 80’s he has been an avid “gym goer”. After years of constantly trying to improve his fitness, he reached a plateau where no nutrition counseling, no new routines, or different trainers was making a change. That is when he stumbled across Functional Fitness, and immediately signed up as a member at LaLanne Fitness. Since the very first workout, he finally felt the magic of bonding that happens in “team sports” through our community. Within a few months he found new skills and strengths he never imagined possible. Within months, he experienced a dramatic change to his own fitness, well-being, and outlook on life.


To better his own knowledge and dig deep into this newfound sport of fitness, he earned his certificate as a CF Level 1 Trainer, completed the official CF Judges Course, and became a Sports Performance Coach in Olympic weightlifting from USA Weightlifting. He is also our creative resource for all branding and design. Kevin is one of the oldest members of our community. Don’t let that fool you, he will be in the trenches taking classes right along side you, as well as coaching.

Aus LaCroix – Coach

CrossFit Gym San FranciscoAus is originally from Québec. He now calls San Francisco his home after living here for more than 10 years. When not at the box, he can be found at Circus Center honing his aerial straps skills or hard at work at Mozilla.

Once a terribly out of shape kid, he decided to turn that around when he was 18 (and weighed almost 250 pounds). That’s when he discovered the importance of nutrition, and activities to get him moving. At 21, he was down to 155 pounds. It was just the beginning.

After years of racing bicycles through the alleys of SF, he started his journey with Circus Arts. First on Static Trapeze. More than five years later since he first started, he now also teaches Circus Arts at Circus Center and brings his background in Aerial Arts and Chinese Acrobatics to The LaLanne Fitness family. He completed his fitness assessment with our very own Aaron Morales just over a year ago and was instantly hooked. His favorite tool of torture are the rings and his favorite movement is the back lever.

Why CrossFit Is Here To Stay

Is CrossFit just a trend?

CrossFit San Francisco
No. CrossFit is a revolution in fitness, so much so that in a very short period of time it has evolved into its own sport. You see ESPN broadcasting the CrossFit Games. Why? Because the modality is a physical activity that can be easily measured, is governed by rules, and where a winner can easily be chosen (which is the definition of a sport).


Is CrossFit

The two most common types of injuries in CrossFit programs occur from improper form, and over-training. At LaLanne Fitness, our trainers emphasize the importance of proper form, and scaling down to custom-fit your workout. It’s important, and we emphasize proper sleep and regular rest days into your workout routine where you can give your muscles a chance to recuperate.

Do I have be in great shape to do CrossFit?

CrossFit Gym San Francisco
Not at all. Every exercise can be
adapted to your personal abilities, even if you have never worked out in your life. We see many members who start out barely being able do a pull-up. Now it’s one of their strengths. We have a motto at LaLanne Fitness: “Show Up. Never Quit.” Get in the door, and the rest just skyrockets.


How often do I have to come?

We recommend starting out 3 days a week. Before you know it, you will look forward to coming more often.


When will I see results?

Give us 6 weeks and you will see dramatic changes to your weight, strength, stamina, and overall well-being.

What about nutrition and all I hear about the Paleo way of eating?

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

Eating right is essential to helping your muscles grow, burn fat and give you energy. We believe in cutting out sugar and starch-laden foods, sticking to meat, vegetables, a little fruit, as well as nuts and seeds. These are the core guidelines of eating Paleo. It might take a little time to break old habits, but once you start working out with us, you will see how different foods affect your performance and the way you feel, and you won’t want those M&M’s and potato chips anymore.

Affiliate Drop-Ins

Drop-in’s visiting from boxes outside the San Francisco area are welcome to join us. The fee is $25 (cash or credit card). You must belong to a registered box, and have some Functional Fitness experience. Pick any class on our schedule here, then submit the required form.

CrossFit Gym San Francisco

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The LaLanne Fitness

Summer Throwdown


In the summer of 2011, LaLanne Fitness CrossFit hosted their first ever Summer Throwdown. With less than 100 athletes and one category, an electric and contagious energy filled their cozy Brannan Street facility leaving an immediate, lasting impression on both the elite athletes and dedicated spectators that came from all over Northern California. Many of the people in attendance still reflect fondly on that first outing and an instant classic was born.


The following summer, after having just moved into their new 10,000 square foot renovated warehouse in downtown San Francisco, the Throwdown made a triumphant return. With the added space and increased demand, they were able to add a scaled category and open the competition to accommodate 200 athletes. Like the year before, the atmosphere was exhilarating; it was clear that this event was something special.


For the third Throwdown in 2013, the LaLannes decided to kick it up a notch and moved the event to beautiful Treasure Island, nestled in the middle of the San Francisco Bay with sweeping views, bright sunshine, light breezes and tons of space. The picturesque setting was spectacular and the growth continued, this time with an added Master’s division and nearly 300 athletes, giving it their all. Registration sold out in a matter of hours and by the time the sun set, there was a significant waiting list. It proved a rousing success and it was becoming clear that this annual tradition was destined to continue for a long time to come.


Go here to stay up-to-date on the 2016 Summer Throwdown, which we expect to set the bar even higher for all competitions in 2016.