To the Amazing LaLanne Fitness Community,
First of all, we want to start by saying thank you for being a member of our family! This is truly an amazing community and we are so honored to have been able to be a part of helping you reach your health and fitness goals since 2008. We thank and appreciate you more than we can say.
Our current location in the Dog Patch (901 Tennessee) is a development project; The building is set to be demolished next month. We tried valiantly to find another suitable building, but it was impossible. For months, we have been working on passing on the legacy that we started at LaLanne Fitness to another owner, but sadly we just received word that they weren’t able to secure a new location. Needless to say, it was a big shock, as we were all excited about the future of our community to continue on under new ownership. Unfortunately, just receiving the news, we weren’t able to prepare for a solid goodbye. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closure of LaLanne Fitness. 
Many of you know that we have had a longterm dream to open up a studio near our home that would allow us to spend more time with our children. It hasn’t been the easiest to commute to San Francisco with two small kids at home who need their parents nearby, which is why we decided to open up a boutique, family-oriented studio in our hometown of Castro Valley. We plan to open early this summer.
Over the next few days we will be packing up the gym. Please come by to pick up any personal belongings. The gym will be open normal hours and our final day of operation/classes will be this Sunday, April 30th.
We are grateful to all of our coaches and members. We made a lifetime of friends though the years and we will cherish you all. You’ll all be welcomed with open arms at LaLanne Bootcamp when our doors open this summer. Thank you for all for your love, support and understanding. It truly is the end of an era and we feel blessed to have served you all. 


We have some exciting news to share with you all! Thank you all for your patience, we have received hundreds of loving messages, emails and calls. Thank you for everything, we have cherished every word. We are thrilled to announce that we have found a new home for this incredible community at CrossFit Potrero Hill ( CFPH is excited to provide an equally amazing CrossFit experience for each and every LaLanne Fitness member. BONUS, with an unlimited membership at CrossFit Potrero Hill, you will get access to World’s Gym across the street! 🙂 They have organized a WELCOME WOD & BBQ this Saturday, May 6th; 9:30AM or 10:30AM WOD, followed by BBQ and beers.

“Best box in San Francisco. Period.”

– Michael (via Google)

“If you are looking a place where people really care about you, your progress, and your journey, this is it.”

–Joey (via Facebook)

“Great for anyone from seasoned athletes to beginners.”

–Ashley (via Yelp)