Each month we highlight an outstanding member of this community. Our “STUDENT ATHLETE OF THE MONTH” for July is by far one of the most athletic women in this gym. She spends a ton of time every week working hard to get stronger and become the best CrossFit athlete she can be. Let’s get to know MIA!


What’s your age and athletic background? I’m 27. I played soccer for a couple of seasons when I was a kid, and outside of that, I wasn’t very active at all until just before my 25th birthday when I gained over 50 lbs in four months after going through a tough time. I saw a photo of myself from a holiday party and couldn’t believe how big I’d gotten, so I decided to stop breaking promises to myself and to take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I first lost the weight and made fitness a lifestyle, then I took up CrossFit in 2014 and haven’t looked back.


What results since starting CrossFit? I’ve become more physically and mentally strong than I ever thought possible. My confidence has increased tremendously and I’ve gained an amazing (though tragically insufficient!) amount of knowledge about nutrition, strength, self-care, and self-love. My body image has improved; I’m no longer obsessing about the scale and I’m not very self-conscious about my body. I’ve learned to love my strength and femininity, and appreciate how hard my body works for me when I do, and even when I don’t, take good care of it.


Any changes to your lifestyle or diet? Complete 180!! Fitness is now a part of my life, and that includes healthy and mindful eating as well as regular and serious training. It means continual education on food, learning how to cook healthy meals and grocery shop, and what to eat when eating out. I also appreciate a great cheat meal and allllll the donuts… and cake… and cookies… and brownies.. and ice cream… and cupcakes… and pancakes ….periodically I’ve learned to make time for training and physical care every day; the decisions that come with living a healthy life have become a regular part of my lifestyle.

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How has your mindset towards fitness changed since starting CrossFit? I now see it as unquestionably necessary, a priority, and something that’s rewarding in more ways than one. To me, the payoff is way more than physical, and I respect anyone working towards their fitness goals


What’s your favorite CrossFit movement or workout? I LOVE lifting!!! Allll the lifts. The deadlift, back squat, squat cleans, and front squats are my favorite lifts, in that order. I aspire to master the snatch and hit an insanely heavy load. MURPH is one of my favorite WODs just because it’s so brutal, though I love any WOD that’s more than 12 minutes and includes semi-heavy or heavy lifts, gymnastics, and anaerobic or aerobic cycles together. The more brutal the better. I love seeing a respectable amount of time on the clock after a lot of hard work and knowing I’ve still got a lot more that I can and will complete.


Do you have any favorite CrossFit gear? Every single pair of Reebok booty shorts and sports bras in my closet.


Future athletic goals? Win the Games.

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