Holistic Approach to Paleo Seminar (Monday, 4/1 at 5:30pm)

Holistic Approach to Paleo Seminar
Hosted at LaLanne Fitness

Begin your quest to… hit PRs in the gym and avoid modern illness on Monday, 4/1 at 5:30pm… This two hour seminar taking a holistic vantage to the Paleo Diet, empowering you to avoid lifelong disease, optimize gut health, and peak your feeling of wellness and performance by using food as medicine and fuel. CrossFit is a dynamic strength and conditioning program with a recommended diet that mimics our ancestor’s. Coined, “The Paleo Diet” by Dr. Loren Cordain and described simply by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman: “eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that support exercise but not body fat.” Seemingly simple, many crossfitters struggle with a Paleo diet that supports recovery from workouts, stressful lifestyle, healthy weight loss/gain/maintenance, digestive health and blood sugar balancing.

On Monday, 4/1 at 5:30pm we’ll take a holistic approach to the Paleo diet; finding ways to utilize the healthiest diet in the world to become more athletic, feel great and shed bodyfat . While many people end up on the Paleo diet as a last resort due to metabolic syndrome, food allergies and poor gut health, crossfitters stand to gain in both health and performance within a community that embraces this diet as the philosophical and practical foundation that your body requires…

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This lecture offers an eye-opening pre-screening questionnaire that will be sent to you following your registration and discussed in lecture, a small class of 25 students to allow for Q & A related to your dietary and health concerns, and of course a wealth of information that will improve your nutritional understanding and help you take advantage of the ways and foods with which you fuel your body. Whether you believe you eat perfect Paleo, follow other nutritional guidelines or have no nutritional foundation, this lecture offers lots for all… REGISTER HERE (This event will SELL OUT fast)

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