Each month we highlight an outstanding, AWESOME member of this community as our “STUDENT ATHLETE OF THE MONTH.” This month we’ve chosen a super fit young man. He’s got impressive skills and a drive to finish the toughest workouts. Let’s get to know SAM!


What’s your age and athletic background? I am 24 years old. I played basketball through out junior high school, high school and college, and I begin weightlifting about 4 years ago.


What results since starting CrossFit? I have gained many new weightlifting and gymnastics skills, and learned better techniques. I increased my strength, flexibility and endurance. Moreover, I made many new friends.


Any changes to your lifestyle or diet? For lifestyle, I go out more and do more outdoor activities, like running, cycling and hiking. For diet, I eat more healthy and real food. I eat more meats, vegetables and fruits, and drink a lot of whole milk.


How has your mindset towards fitness changed since starting CrossFit? Fitness is fun. One of great things about CrossFit is the community. I really enjoy working out with those awesome crossfitters. I always have fun at the gym.


What’s your favorite CrossFit movement or workout? Favorite movement: Hand stand push up. Favorite workout: “Diane.” Do you have any favorite CrossFit gear? Athletic Tape. Future athletic goals? 10 seconds free hand stand hold, 10 feet hand stand walking, Strict ring muscle ups.

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