In the summer of 2011, LaLanne Fitness CrossFit hosted their first ever Summer Throwdown. With less than 100 athletes and one category, an electric and contagious energy filled their cozy Brannan Street facility leaving an immediate, lasting impression on both the elite athletes and dedicated spectators that came from all over Northern California. Many of the people in attendance still reflect fondly on that first outing and an instant classic was born.


The following summer, after having just moved into their new 10,000 square foot renovated warehouse in downtown San Francisco, the Throwdown made a triumphant return. With the added space and increased demand, they were able to add a scaled category and open the competition to accommodate 200 athletes. Like the year before, the atmosphere was exhilarating; it was clear that this event was something special.


For the third Throwdown in 2013, the LaLannes decided to kick it up a notch and moved the event to beautiful Treasure Island, nestled in the middle of the San Francisco Bay with sweeping views, bright sunshine, light breezes and tons of space. The picturesque setting was spectacular and the growth continued, this time with an added Master’s division and nearly 300 athletes, giving it their all. Registration sold out in a matter of hours and by the time the sun set, there was a significant waiting list. It proved a rousing success and it was becoming clear that this annual tradition was destined to continue for a long time to come. In 2014, the experience was unlike any other… See the video bloew. 2015 they took a year off. 2016 was an intimate power packed day back in San Francisco at their Dog Patch location. What’s in store for 2017?






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